Istu lavayi (Easter vocabulary)

In preparation for the big day, we wanted to share some Hopi Easter vocabulary. Please enjoy and share your experience. Do not forget to sign up for our newsletter.

Nöhu: egg

Taavo: cottontail

Kowaako: chicken

Heeva: look for

Tuwa: find

Tuupkya: hide, hid

Kuwana: color

Tsaatsayom: children

  1. Kowaako nöhut tiita. The chicken laid eggs.
  2. Taavo nöhut tuupkya. Cottontail hid the eggs.
  3. Maana nöhut heeva. The girl looked for the eggs.
  4. Tiyo nöhut heeva. The boy looked for the eggs.
  5. Maana nöhut tuwa. The girl found an egg.
  6. Tiyo nöhut tuwa. The boy found an egg.

Let’s revitalize the Hopi language together.

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