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Tsangawpi tawlawva. A new day.


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  • Celebrating the Spirit of Collaboration: A Gratitude Note for the Online Hopi Dictionary

    Greetings, fellow language enthusiasts and lovers of Hopi culture. In the spirit of unity and the preservation of our rich linguistic heritage, we come together to express our heartfelt gratitude to the incredible individuals and organizations that have contributed to the creation of the Online Hopi Dictionary. This digital repository stands as a testament to…

  • Preserving Our Sacred Tongue: The Vital Role of Hopi Language for Generations to Come

    As a proud member of the Hopi community, I find myself deeply connected to the rich tapestry of our heritage, a heritage woven together by the threads of our unique language. In the vast landscape of the American Southwest, the Hopi language stands as a beacon, a testament to our identity, culture, and spiritual connection…